Mobile Autonomous Systems
and Cognitive Robotics


Underground 4D+Positioning, Navigation and Mapping System for Highly Selective, Efficient and Highly-secure Exploitation of Important Resources

in the programme of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research "R4–Innovative Technologies for Resource Efficiency - Research for the Provision of Raw Materials of Strategic Economic Importance

The project UPNS4D+aims at exploiting mineral resources of rare earths in a highly-selective, efficient and highly secure way from local deposits as well as detecting new ones. This requires innovative mining technologies which integrate dynamic change of the mine. The interdisciplinart research project UPNS4D+ aims at developing an underground deposits positioning, navigation, and mapping system for a mobile robot platform.

The goal of our project "6D Mapping" is to develop a prototype robot system that is able to map underground mines. To this end, a suitable robot platform has to be equipped with the right sensor equipment (radar, cameras, lidars, IMU). The data coming from the sensors need to be integrated into consisten high-dimensional maps deploying known SLAM approaches. Highly-dimensional means that besides the 3D point clouds also key frames from the vision or radar data will be stored in the map. New approaches have to be developed to grant easy access to the data in order to process and visualize them.

Project Duration

01.04.2015 - 31.03.2018

Project Partners